Every relationship we foster, decision we make or action
we take all derive from a single core principle - trust.

— Leon Blankstein, President, CEO and Director


Never promise what you can’t deliver. These are the words we bank on. At American Business Bank, people are our greatest asset. We believe in building honest relationships — not client rosters — and we work relentlessly to protect our clients’ interests, while driving their businesses forward through strong balance sheets and stable practices.


By taking the right action, we can provide the financial resources businesses need to thrive. That trust derives from our ability to analyze the elusive and dynamic intricacies of today’s marketplace, and advise our clients on a clear and informed path forward.


Banking is banking; and while many banks offer similar services, no one customizes like ABB.


True government guaranteed lending is an art form- one that ABB has mastered. We provide more SBA backed offerings than most.


The world is getting smaller by the minute, and fewer US companies are operating in the domestic only sectors.


ABB knows good people. We understand the nuances of your business and aim to provide heartfelt wisdom.


Our philosophy of putting our clients and employees first has consistently benefited our shareholders since we started ABB. In an industry where it’s common to be both inactive and reactive, we believe in accessibility, action and accountability; it’s why our clients trust us for consul and results, and how we achieve long-term success together.


As strategic partners, we roll up our sleeves, lead with action and share success side-by side. Our passion is driven by knowledge, that’s why we stay educated on cutting edge industry trends and economic news, as well as cyber security and internet fraud measures that directly impact our clients’ businesses.

Oct 20, 2020

ABB Awards Weingart Center AHEAD Program Grant

American Business Bank announces the award of a $37,500 Access to Housing and Economic Assistance Development (AHEAD) grant to the Weingart Center Association’s Transitional Housing for the Homeless Program.
Oct 15, 2020

PPP Forgiveness FAQ Library

The FAQ library is categorized to make navigating PPP information as easy as possible. Current update reflects changes as a result of H.R.7010 – Paycheck Protection Program Flexibility Act of 2020 being signed into law.
Sep 03, 2020

Distinguished Senior Advisor, K. Brian Horton, Joins ABB

Los Angeles, California, September 3, 2020. AMERICAN BUSINESS BANK (OTCQX: AMBZ) today is pleased to announce that K. Brian Horton has joined the Bank as a Senior Advisor.
Jul 28, 2020

 PPP Forgiveness EZ Calculation Model

Version 3 dated July 28, 2020
Jul 01, 2020

PPP Forgiveness Calculation Model

Version 1 dated July 1, 2020
Jul 01, 2020

Instruction Manual: PPP Forgiveness Model Calculator

Version 1 dated July 1, 2020
Jul 01, 2020

“How To” Video: PPP Forgiveness Model Calculator

Click here to download the video (1.1 GB MP4).
Click Read More to stream the video on Youtube.
Jul 01, 2020

ABB and Armanino PPP Forgiveness Webinar Deck Download

Download the ABB & Armanino PPP Forgiveness Instructional Webinar Deck.
Jul 01, 2020

ABB and Armanino PPP Forgiveness Webinar

Click here to view the PPP Forgiveness Webinar with ABB and Armanino
Jun 11, 2020

PPP Forgiveness and Implications of the Flexibility Act Webinar Recording

Webinar Playback – ABB and Armanino present a presentation on PPP forgiveness and implications of the Flexibility Act. 
Jun 10, 2020

PPP Forgiveness and Implications of the Flexibility Act

ABB and Armanino present a presentation on PPP Forgiveness and Implications of the Flexibility Act.
May 31, 2020

Are you prepared for PPP forgiveness?

The facts about Payroll Protection Program & how to make sure you qualify for loan forgiveness
May 30, 2020

The Post Covid 19 Economy – Beacon Economics

The good news is that the number of new, confirmed cases of Coronavirus in the United States has, at least for now, peaked and appears to be falling. Stay-at-home mandates across the nation have been having their intended effect…
May 14, 2020

How to Adopt Transformational Technology & Still Keep Your Business Running

It’s remarkable how many food and beverage manufacturers are still using antiquated software platforms to manage the range of data and details across their businesses.
May 14, 2020

Smart marketing practices for economic slowdowns

While most sectors are still benefiting from the strength of our current economic climate, many economists speculate of an impending slowdown—or worse.
May 14, 2020

Covington Capital Management – Municipal Bond Market

Historically, the municipal bond market or the “muni market,” has remained fairly quiet and stable. That was until March 2020 when investors, worried about the impact of COVID-19 on the markets sold a record amount of muni bonds and muni bond funds.

SBA BORROWERS – IMPORTANT NOTICE: In accordance with section 1112(c) of the CARES Act, over the past six months, SBA has been paying loan payments owed on loans in “regular servicing status.” This included SBA 7(a), SBA Express, and the 2nd Trust Deed Debenture on SBA 504 loans. For most borrowers, this started with the April 2020 loan payment, and will end with the September 2020 loan payment. Starting in October 2020, these borrowers will need to start making payments again. Also, ACH and Auto-Pay features for these loans will resume.

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