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The world is getting smaller by the minute. Fewer and fewer US companies are operating in domestic only sectors. In this increasingly global economy, international banking services are crucial to businesses wishing to maximize profits. American Business Bank provides a full range of international banking services; be it standby LCs or currency exchange, our savvy clients have needs to do business abroad, and we deliver.

The International Banking Department offers established customers of American Business Bank professional foreign exchange services focused on developing and capturing customers driven cross-border foreign currency transactions.

Our foreign exchange services bolster the bank’s competitive edge, particularly when serving commercial companies that either have, or plan to have, links to supply chains, vendors, investments, strategic partners, distribution points, and/or customers in foreign countries.

In an international trade transaction, the seller’s requirements and the buyer’s needs can be mutually satisfied to facilitate the exchange of goods and funds through the use of Commercial Letter of Credit provided by American Business Bank in U.S. dollars and most other major currencies.

American Business Bank Issues Standby Letters of Credit to ensure performance and meet customers’ needs on various types of transactions.

Documentary Collection is a payment mechanism in which a seller uses American Business Bank as their “agent” in collecting payment from a buyer located overseas.

American Business Bank offers foreign exchange services including: hedging and payment products available in all major currencies, foreign drafts, wires, cash letters, and collections. Our Foreign Exchange experts can provide you with products and solutions that can eliminate and/or manage risk in foreign markets.

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