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Culture eats strategy for breakfast.

— Peter Drucker



Never promise what you can’t deliver. These are the words we bank on. At American Business Bank, people are our greatest asset. We believe in building honest relationships — not client rosters — and we work relentlessly to protect our clients’ interests, while driving their businesses forward through strong balance sheets and stable practices.

We want our approach to be as unique as our client’s objectives and that starts with trust. It’s how we earn our seat at the table and instill our clients with the confidence to seize the right opportunity or practice patience when needed. Face-to-face, side-by-side, we are there every step of the way. It’s why we built our bank and how we’ve always done business.


Inspired by the philosophy that a Bank could be more than the sum of its siloed parts, our founders set out to build a new kind of Bank; one that worked as a singular entity, acting as a complete banker on behalf of its clients — in 1998 American Business Bank was born.

Unlike their mega-corporate counterparts, our founders recognized that middle market companies were in need of bankers that could do more for their business, so ABB took action, fostering long-lasting relationships with businesses across the southland. Today, that genuine interest and passion remains the driving force of our success, and it’s how we continue to build a legacy that quietly influences the way premier Southern California businesses operate and grow for years to come.